Kalinda’s Boots

More people find my blog searching for some variation on the phrase “Kalinda’s boots” than anything else (though “Kalinda bisexual” and “Archie Panjabi kissing girls” are up there). I have talked about Kalinda’s boots. And I have talked about how totally NOT GAY Kalinda is on The Good Wife. But I haven’t given boot specifics. Now, that all changes.

I present: Kalinda’s Footwear Arsenal
, with a narrative assist from costume director Dan Lawson. Take that, Google search terms! Go to town boot fetishists. Better yet, go shopping fashionistas!  Just click the boots and spend away.

What about those boots on Panjabi’s Kalinda? “Right now, she has three different styles of boots that we sort of rotate on the show,” costume designer Daniel Lawson says. “She wore the same pair for quite some time. It was a sort of a fold-over-at-the-knee boot and it’s made by Via Spiga, and it’s got a bit of a chunkier heel and a little bit of a platform.  And then we got her a boot that didn’t fold over and had a more slender heel, a little sexier for when she wanted to feel sexier, and that was also Via Spiga.

Via Spiga "Nevin" Boots

Kalinda in her Via Spiga boots.

These are Kalinda’s preferred working boots. She sports them in most episodes, running about town, gathering info and interviewing people.  They can be wear folded over (which is usually how she sports them), or up, over the knee.

And then we got her a pair of suede boots that have rivets in a design. … They are brass rivets and they’re made by Calvin Klein and they’re very tight on her calf and then have a slender heel.” They are all black.

Calvin Klein "Sable" Boots

Kalinda in her Calvin Klein boots.

These are Kalinda’s go-to date boots. She wore them while locking lips with Detective Burton, and later sported them while getting busy with Agent Delaney finding a drug and gun stash.

And by the way, if you think you might have caught Kalinda in some stilettos on the show, Lawson says, “She doesn’t really have anything stiletto. They’re more substantial than that. … Still, she’s amazing what she can do in those high heels, man.”
Good Wife Costume Designer Daniel Lawson to USA Today

We, couldn’t agree more, Dan.  We couldn’t agree more.

And while we’re at, you fashion whores, let’s revisit the GORGEOUS dress she was wearing in the season finale episode, “Running.” Kalinda sported this Nanette Lepore frock for most of the episode, including during one very memorable scene in a self-storage locker. I love how easy it seems to wear, and I always go in for pockets. Very useful for storing a notepad, one’s Blackberry, and the various phone numbers you collect as you flirt your way to the truth.

Nanette Lepore's "Windswept"

Note how the grommets in the silk dress match the grommets in the suede Calvin Klein boots. Dan Lawson, you are my new fashion guru. Right up there with Tim Gunn.

You can purchase the “Windswept” dress on sale at Bloomie’s for a steal at $278. If that link goes dead, try this.


9 thoughts on “Kalinda’s Boots

  1. Where do you find all this info, girl? You’re scaring me!

    Yay for Kalinda’s new outfits. That dress is hot! Still wondering if she’ll be wearing something more summerwear-y in the beginning of next season since they are starting to shoot again around August I think but let’s face it, those short skirts are more appropriate in the summer than the winter really so there shouldn’t be any big change.

    Funny how those Calvin Klein boots do look like stiletto in the Kalinda pic but are definitely not in the boots pic.

    I love Kalinda boots, I do really really really very much. Now why do I want to see her toes so much? Maybe it’s the tantalizing nature of things unseen. And does that make me weird?

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  4. Please can you tell me who makes the black dress with the white tree branches that Kalinda wore in the last episode? I have to find one!

  5. ..lol! You made me laugh a lot. You’re just AWFUL.
    ‘As you flirt your way to the truth’… yeah. I couldn’t believe it when I found this page.
    Thank you

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