Lady A Day 044: Madonna

Before Gaga wasn’t wearing pants, Madonna wasn’t wearing pants.  Okay, not the smoothest intro, but you get my drift? There are so many words to describe Madonna, and nobody can seem to agree to any of them save “visionary.”  She’s had the music world and all of pop culture by the balls since before I was born.  From her influence on fashion (bottle blonde ambition, underwear as outerwear, cowboy chic, lace everything, red kabbalah strings), to her girl-empowerment anthems, to her commitment to third world welfare, Madonna has saturated our culture.  Argentina cried for her.  She went “All the Way Mae.” And if Glee‘s recent Madge tribute episode is any indication, she’ll be ruling the airwaves and the global consciousness for many generations to come.

What’s your favorite Madonna reinvention? BoyToy? Kimono goth? Cowgirl? Yogi/Boxer MILF? Equestrian S&M?

Your favorite Lady M song?  Movie?  Kid? (I’m partial to that little fashionbug Lourdes Leon, who not only looks stunningly like her mother, but seems to be following in her dancer/entertainer footsteps.)

Why do you love/hate Madonna?


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