Dress Kalinda at Polyvore

I had some fun playing virtual dress-up with Kalinda over at Polyvore.com. We haven’t seen her in very many light tones yet, so I hope next season on The Good Wife brings some seasonal variation. A little bit of summer in the city, perhaps? Bring it, I say, so costume director Daniel Lawson can serve up some sweet summer looks for viewers to ogle.

Here’s my spin:

I don’t think Kalinda would be easily convinced to abandon her boots, even in the summer, so I’ve swapped in a beautiful dark brown pair. I love the texture of the skirt and the shade of the leather jacket. Imagine the watch face in, in true Kalinda fashion. And of course, Ms. Sharma requires many different tools to do her job well – a notebook and fabulous Montblanc pen to take down license plates, an SLR camera to snap incriminating photos, a tall glass of milk (it does a body good), and a gun trigger charm necklace. Okay, the last one’s a stretch.

Kalinda's Summer Look

A professional and stylish outfit for your favorite in-house investigator. A light summer palette that still pays tribute to Kalinda’s hard edge through details like a gun trigger charm necklace. It’s all leather, milk, and the tools of the trade. Kalinda will investigate you, then seduce you.


3 thoughts on “Dress Kalinda at Polyvore

  1. I’m so behind in my internet browsing, I don’t even know if I commented on this already. The outfit is sexay. I’m totally imagining Kalinda in it right now.

    Ok, the trigger charm was pushing it a little but she always wear the same damn necklace! Either they give it a sentimental value or they can move on to another one!

    Love the writing on the notebook. Are those little markings next to Tony and Lana like notches on her belt or something? And if so… why is Alicia’s name there? lol
    I know I”m a fangirl, what can I say?

    • Those were absolutely “notches on her belt.” Alicia’s just a daydream…no “X”s. Yet.

      I know women who wear one necklace all the time. It’s no big deal. It’s sorta cute. But why a horseshoe?

      • lol… ah it wasn’t just me then. You know that bar scene in any other show could have gone a totally different way. “One night, no repercussions” Come on! 😀

        I don’t mind women who wear the same jewelry all the time. I wear my grandmother’s ring. But I want them to play dress up with Kalinda or else they should give the horseshoe necklace a meaning. It’s just me, I know. I have the weirdest peeves. Maybe she’s superstitious? nah.

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