#TheGoodWife 3×11 “What Went Wrong”: Bring Kalinda to Me, NOW

As always, cross-posted from my column over at RAKED!

Hola, readers! Feliz Navidad! Merry Chrismahannukwanzakah! Okay, it’s not quite the holidays but I’m officially on film school break, so there’s reason to celebrate. Besides, this was the last new episode of The Good Wife until the new year. Good thing it left us on such a high note.

So I missed reviewing the last ep, but let’s just say Kalinda is still the best friend a lady with a missing child could have. She found Grace mid-baptism in Alicia and Peter’s moment of need. Not only did Grace’s disappearance result in Alicia calling it off with Will because she’s stretched too thin, but it set in motion the repair of Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship. Cue this week’s episode!

Alicia, Diane, and pro bono guy Justin Coyne are defending a police officer accused of murdering her husband for the insurance money. The judge is with them, but the jury shockingly comes back with a first degree murder charge. Alicia and Justin end up digging through the jury’s trash to determine what turned them against the officer. Kalinda is sent to interview jurors, which lands her in hot water with Cary and Dana. She ends up in cuffs, and not in a sexy way.

On the home front, Alicia and Peter are trying to convince Capstone private school to admit their kids. I’m not sure why. Anybody? Bueller? Is it because Grace managed to slip away from her public school in the last episode? In any case, Peter uses his position to threaten the admissions woman into admitting the kids – “I’m the state’s attorney. You don’t say ‘no’ to me.” With the Will/Alicia affair over (no discussion needed, according to Will) Peter’s more present role in Alicia’s daily life is certainly going to play out in the second half of the season. Somehow, when he’s “defending” his family, I don’t mind his asshole moves as much.

While Peter handles private school, Alicia heads to a local skate park to threaten Grace’s religious mentor. He informs her that Kalinda is the one who found Grace, and she has already told him to back the hell off. This is news to Alicia, who promptly runs off to confront Cary and spring her ex-bestie from prison: “You bring Kalinda to me, NOW.” You guys, how super touching/hot was that? And the awkward apologies in the car afterward? This is why I ship their friendship. Now that Kalinda’s big secret is out of the bag, they are only ever honest with one another. That’s the kind of friend Alicia needs.

Speaking of, Alicia finally admitted to Owen “I need friends,” but I can’t be the only viewer out there who’s heart deflated a bit when it was Diane joining her at the bar instead of Kalinda in that final scene. Of course, this was a wise move for the writers, who have given themselves tons of new material for the second half of the season.

Other important developments to note: Wendy Scott-Carr is still being smarmy, but she tells Will she’s actually trying to bring down Peter. Kalinda’s investigation yields a mistrial because the judge accidentally friended a juror online during the trial.  Twitter has dubbed Dana “side ponytail bitch.”

Noteworthy (but superficial) moments: The juror with a head cold was hysterical in an understated way, but Button Lady takes the cake with her framed button art and button-covered lamps. Impressive work, set dressers!

Also, now we all know that Alicia kills time at home just like the rest of us. She cleans, checks out the fridge multiple times, and watches overly sexualized historical dramas. Hilarious sequence alert!

Next on The Good WifeThe show returns on January 8. In “Alienation of Affection,” Lockhart/Gardner is being sued for $44 million! And Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) is back, this time as Will’s new attorney.


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