The Good Wife 3×06 “Affairs of State”: I Love Me Some Parker Posey.

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THE GOOD WIFE: 3.06 “Affairs of State”

There comes a time in every newly minted junior attorney’s career when they learn the harsh lesson that their likable client is guilty, guilty, guilty. That’s precisely the situation that brings Alicia and new Lockhart/Gardner hire Caitlin D’arcy (Anna Camp) together in “Affairs of State.”

In typical Good Wife fashion, the murder of a coed on a booze cruise is further complicated by the diplomatic status of the two suspects, which is further complicated by the fact that both of the students may no longer qualify for diplomatic protection (one isn’t a full time student; the other is Taiwanese). In the end, Alicia and Caitlin’s client, Chen, escapes house arrest and makes a mad dash to the airport, cementing his guilt. Talk about a high stakes scene – I loved watching Alicia very smartly choose not to follow him. She is truly becoming an excellent attorney.

It turns out that Caitlin’s real strengths are not unlike Alicia’s. Throughout the episode, she uses her specific intelligence – in this case, about stoplight parties and “Rape Apps” – to approach the case from a unique angle. For the first time, Alicia sees that Caitlin has definite potential with the firm. It’s a nice turn from last week.

Likewise, Cary manages to apprehend Chen at the airport, further proving his value at the state’s attorney’s office. Peter gifts him with a posh new office, much to the chagrin of that spoilsport Matan, who had just downsized him to a cubicle. Cary’s victory here was earned, and while I may not be his biggest fan as a romantic partner for Kalinda, this ep reminded me that Cary is a worthy character, and a real player in the world of The Good Wife. I won’t touch on his random hookup in this ep, but yeah, that happened.

In the B-storyline, Parker Posey wins all the awards!!! Okay, technically not. But Parker Posey guests as Vanessa, Eli’s ex-wife, who asks Eli to vet her for a potential political run for state senate. It turns out that Vanessa’s past won’t hold up to Kalinda’s scrutiny (she cheated on Eli with a Bin Laden!), but Parker, Alan, and Archie were just amazing playing off of one another. Parker Posey really proved her chops as a dramatic actress. I would love to see her again in the Good Wife universe.

On the homefront, Zach and Grace are back, and they’re worried about Alicia’s seemingly empty social life. Zach also finagles FTP sharing with Alicia’s work computer, which backfires as first but leads to his meeting Will. Awkward. Will actually offers to formally meet the kids, but Alicia gently turns him down. This romance is going to combust, am I right? Will is clearly more invested, whereas Alicia is only interested in indulging her crush and having some harmless fun. Or, as my girlfriend yelled out during this scene, “She’s going to break him!”

Noteworthy (but superficial) moments: Judge Winter looks damn good in jeans! What a silver fox. Vanessa’s style was like Diane’s love of animal prints met Kalinda’s figure-hugging ensembles. In short, she looked mighty fine.

Next week: Alicia’s in the hot seat when the Treasury Department forces her to report on a client, and she hires Elsbeth Tascioni (returning guest Carrie Preston) to represent her. Meanwhile, it looks like Peter will be checking into Will’s past, albeit reluctantly. A little birdie hinted that the Alicia/Will affair would be coming to light….And can I just request a bit more Kalinda? K, thanks.


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