The Good Wife 3×05: “Marthas and Caitlins”


THE GOOD WIFE: 3.05 “Marthas and Caitlins”

Dylan Baker is perhaps the creepiest scene stealer of all time, and yes, he was back this episode as serial murderer Colin Sweeney, complete with shackles and a new prison tat. It looked kind of like a sunflower to me – not too intimidating. But we learn, in fact, that Mr. Sweeney doesn’t need to play tough in prison because he’s under the protection of a thug operating a murder-for-hire business on the outside. Alicia and Diane need him to testify about faulty airplane equipment when their key witness in a plane crash lawsuit kills himself.

I guess I have to note that Celeste was back, this time as co-counsel. She importantly drops a hint about Will’s past shady dealings (something about “borrowing” $45,000) and ultimately helps Lockhart/Gardner win a settlement in the airplane case. While Lisa was certainly upstaged by Dylan Baker, she did have the best few lines of the episode. When Celeste and Alicia visit Colin in prison, he suspects tension between them. Celeste plays along: “We’re lovers. She’s breaking up with me for a man who is not worthy of her.” I genuinely liked her in that moment, but was it not a truly Kalinda-worthy line?

I must say I’m getting peeved with the relegation of Kalinda to a purely investigative role so far this season. She has no friends! Instead of swigging milk or tequila shots with Alicia, she’s Eli’s go-to girl. I have faith her storyline will spice up again this season; I just hope it’s soon.

If the last episode was Alicia-light, this episode made up for it in a big way. Not only was Alicia in court, but she was also reprimanding Grace’s tutor for her influential dancing ways. And to top it all off, she was interviewing two candidates for a Junior Associate position. This came back to bite her in the behind in a big way when divorce attorney David Lee reamed her out and then went behind her back to ensure the firm hired his niece, Caitlin, over the better-suited candidate, Martha. I mean, with a name like Martha, you know she’s gonna be the underdog. I only hope this bright young lady comes back to haunt Alicia and the firm that wronged her. I can imagine her as razor-sharp opposing counsel in the courtroom.

Other things deserving of this mention: Trampboarding is a real thing. ASA Geneva Pine was back! Eli is going to try to repair the Florrick marriage to better Peter’s political status. And (dun dun dun), Will crossed Alicia in the vote to hire Caitlin because he owed David Lee a favor for voting with him to hire Alicia. It’s a twisted web they weave. Still, doesn’t this reveal undermine the show’s original storyline that had Alicia up against Cary, and not some random girl who was better than her on paper? Color me confused on that score.

What did everyone else make of this week’s reveals?

Next week: Parker Posey!!! Can you hear my fangirly screams of joy?!


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