The Good Wife 3×03 “Get a Room”: Canadian Thanksgiving Edition

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As I am a new resident of Canada, and therefore watched this episode of The Good Wife on my first ever Canadian Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to review the season’s third episode according to what I’m most thankful for. And since I am always thankful for Kalinda’s short skirts, I will avoid further mention of said skirts and just hit on the plot stuff. So…

This episode finds the viewer following two of Lockhart/Gardner’s cases. In the primary case, Alicia and Will are court-ordered mediation at a hotel, negotiating a settlement in a medical malpractice case with attorney (and Will’s ex), Celeste Serrano, played by special guest star Lisa EdelsteinSo there’s the whole former-flame-meets-current-flame thing going on there.  In the other case, Diane and Eli are forced to strategize crisis management when a cheese organization comes to them looking for advice in the wake of a massive listeria outbreak that originated at a dairy farm.

And Kalinda must work for both teams as they navigate their time-sensitive cases.

In this episode of The Good Wife, I give thanks for:

  • Eli and Diane working together. They nearly come to blows over how to handle the crisis management for Heather Farms, and it’s awful fun to watch. Dang, I had really missed hot-headed Diane. She plays a cool cucumber most of the time, overseeing the rest of the L/G staff, but her BAMF qualities really emerge when she gets all riled up.
  • Cary bringing Kalinda down a peg. Kalinda goes to Cary for info about why the D.A. is declining to pursue a criminal case against the doctor that Alicia and Will are suing, but Cary won’t leak. He tells her, “You tend to use people’s feelings to further your investigations.” Cary’s not my favorite character, but I hope his realization will put the kibosh on a Kalinda/Cary romance for the time being.
  • Owen’s back! And he runs into Jackie! Alicia calls in Owen to babysit the kiddos while she works at the hotel with Will, and Owen happily obliges so she can go get laid by her new boyfriend. Sadly for Owen, his own romantic interlude is interrupted when Jackie crashes his date during a serious conversation about tantric sex. I can’t believe this stuff passed the censor board, but am I ever grateful.
  • Will’s backbone. I must admit that I thought Will might cave to temptation and settle his case with Celeste, cutting Alicia out of the deal entirely. I liked that he walked away from the poker game. Could that be character growth I see?
  • Alicia’s honesty. The writers could have Alicia head-over-heels for Will as payoff for two seasons of flirtation and stifled feelings. Instead, Alicia admits to Owen that she’s not in love with Will. It may peeve “Willicia” shippers, but it’s a bit more realistic this way, and now I can’t wait to see how their tryst plays out over this season.

I am less thankful for:

  • Kalinda ignoring Alicia’s call while sleuthing around the cheese plant. I know she was just concentrating on the more urgent matter, but it’s still a cruel reminder of the distance between them. There once was a time when Kalinda would have dropped everything to help her work-girlfriend.
  • Listeriosis. Talk about timely plotlines (don’t eat cantaloupe, kids). Watching the news footage of elementary school kids chucking up bright orange Velveeta vomit reminded me (and not in a good way) of those bloody rat attack videos from the first season.

What were you thankful for this episode? Anything you wish had landed on the cutting room floor?


One thought on “The Good Wife 3×03 “Get a Room”: Canadian Thanksgiving Edition

  1. I liked Eli and Diane working together. I just feel the show is increasingly divided between some kind of Will Gardner spinoff, with Alicia as a sidekick and the rest of the characters doing something else in some other place. It’s hard to juggle so many characters but perhaps a little more variety would help. Alicia could work with Diane or Eli for a change and still get back to her Willy Boy to fool around afterwards. The earth wouldn’t stop rotating on its axis.

    It looks like the Owen and bf scene pissed a lot of those older viewers. I’m not surprised and I don’t know what show they have been watching if they are shocked by a simple fun scene like that but maybe they should watch something else.

    Yes the cheese case was gross. And over the top. I don’t think we actually needed that video at the beginning and it seemed not so funny considering the situation. I think the show needs some levity these days but kids’ health crisis is probably not the best place to find it.

    I was a little disappointed by Celeste. She wasn’t “Tammy” bad but she wasn’t as interesting as I would have liked. Speaking of Celeste, wasn’t it a little weird for Alicia to play the jealousy card when her affair with Will is so hush-hush? Wouldn’t that tend to alert complete strangers that the wife of the SA is sleeping with her boss? I don’t know.

    Finally, you ask what we would have liked on the cutting room floor. The whole scene with Cary and Kalinda felt like the Twilight Zone to me. I don’t think the point is to kill the Cary/Kalinda relationship at all, it’s to set it up. Seeing Kalinda cry in the elevator in Getting Off was sad and surprising and touching, because we know how close she’s become with Alicia and the affection she has for her. Seeing Kalinda on the verge of tears because Cary is telling her off was so far from Kalinda, it made me wonder if I had eaten bad cheese or something.
    Are they seriously hoping to replace the Alicia/Kalinda relationship with Cary/Kalinda only with sex? That seems to be the worst idea they could have. In season 1, Cary was a very different character and their flirtation was fun. Cary was relentlessly chasing Kalinda with no hope of success but he kept going. Now that they are actually pretending they are bff and that Kalinda has enough feelings for him to be hurt by what he says about her… it’s not only not funny, it’s completely out of character for Kalinda. And it cheapens her relationship with Alicia in a way.

    Speaking of which (and I’m almost done, I promise), are they going to get into it at all this season? I wasn’t expecting Alicia to forgive Kalinda over three episodes or to forget about the whole thing but if they don’t even exist on the same planet for too long, how are they going to solve anything? And worse: will anyone really care by then? I was hoping at least for some conflict or tense interaction. It feels like that Cary conversation should have been with Alicia, no? I don’t know. I would have been more impactful, less artificial and more coherent with what we know and what we’ve seen.

    I liked the first two episodes better. We’ll see where it goes from there.

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