The Good Wife 3×02: The British Invasion

My second official review for Raked! Hope you’re enjoying the season as much as I am so far…

The Good Wife: The British Invasion

THE GOOD WIFE: 3.02 “The Death Zone”

With this Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, the critically-adored show founds its footing for the third season.

Where the premiere’s court case took a backseat to establishing Alicia and Will’s continuing romance and setting up Cary and Eli within their new roles, this week’s case of a mountain climber sued in the British court of law for his libelous tell-all book brought something fresh to the procedural side of things. Namely, it brought guest star Eddie Izzard as a malicious British solicitor whose finesse keeps Will and Alicia on their game. Thankfully, Lockhart/Gardner has the co-counsel of a Scot who knows the British court system, a definite dark horse and the quiet hero of their victory.

Another strength of the episode was Kalinda’s involvement with Eli Gold, who hires her to find out more about a potential political client. While the P.I. does make a misstep along the way, Eli recognizes her strengths within the firm, and promises he’ll use her services again. For a first-time partnership, theirs showed definite promise. Kalinda had considerably more screen time this ep, and isn’t half the fun of her character waiting to see how fabulous she’ll look as she works her way to the truth? Thank you, writers and wardrobe department, for delivering on both fronts. (Seriously, did you see the fuschia shirtdress?)

And let’s not neglect Diane, who had much more material to work with this episode, trying to discover why Peter required an audit of Lockhart/Gardner before he’d hire them to handle the state’s civil cases. Not only did the senior partner gracefully navigate an awkward visit to Alicia’s apartment with the same skill that puts her ahead in the courtroom, but she seems to be onto Will’s involvement in a potential Alicia/Peter split. She makes him promise to fire Alicia if she’s found to be working against the firm, which will hopefully play off later this season. What’s that saying? If you introduce a gun in the first act, it’s got to go off by the third.

Top funnies of this episode included: Diane’s continued obsession with “Chinese walls” and Alicia going in for a hug with son Zach after he offers to do the dishes. Also, Mickey Gunn, the newly-introduced campaign manager with a Southern drawl. I was enamored with his casual attitude and his fantastic collection of socks. I think Mr. Gunn will be back – he was just too much fun for a one-off character.

Next week: House fans rejoice, Lisa Edelstein is in Chicago! In the first of a multi-episode arc, Lisa will be playing Celeste Serrano, an unconventional attorney and (dun dun dun) Will’s ex. I for one would tune in just for Dallas Roberts, returning as Alicia’s brother Owen.

It’s a wealth of riches, I tell you! I hope you’ll be tuning in with me.


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