Bid on Archie’s Emmy Gown for Charity

I have been a negligent blogger, people.  I can only blame myself.  In my absence from the Ladies-a-Day, I:

  • Took up running
  • Podcasted extensively
  • Indulged in reality television to distract myself from missing all of my amazing fall television addictions.

If I ever take abrupt leave of you again, please find solace in the lovely arms of the women of Autostraddle, or over at FuckYeahTheGoodWife.

I’m back now for a good cause, and it involves (1) clothes (2) charity and (3) Archie Panjabi. Win/win people.  Archie has donated the gorgeous Tadashi Shoji gown in which she accepted her Emmy to the folks over at Clothes Off Our Back, who auction celebrity items for charity.  Here’s the amazing bit: not a single designer approached Archie about dressing her for the Emmy’s.  What effing idiots!  Archie bought her own gown (and looked SMASHING).  See how it hugs her curves? And displays her glorious clavicle?  Don’t you just wish you were that goddamn statue?

Now this very dress could be yours!  To frame and hang most likely, since it is a size 2.  Woman is tiny.  Tiny and fierce!

Do you want it for your own?  You can hold it close and pretend that Archie is still wearing it know that you have helped feed people and prevent malaria and battle childhood cancer!

Clickity click:


3 thoughts on “Bid on Archie’s Emmy Gown for Charity

  1. Awesome! My girlfriend has a birthday coming up and she might not even remember the dress from the Emmys LOL
    And kudos to Archie for donating it since she had to pay for it (anyone wants to bed she’ll get offers next year with the way she looked in that thing?)

    I like the Size:X-Small LMAO Well, maybe but not where it counts! 😀

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