Lady A Day 050: Jemima Rooper

Every time I catch up with what Brit Jemima Rooper‘s been doing, I (a) watch everything I can immediately (b) get not a small crush on her and (c) appreciate the fact that she goes Gay for Pay regular-lay?  Okay, my rhymes need work.  Point is: Jemima Rooper is both cute as a button and rather smouldering.  And based on reviews of Her Naked Skin, also kind of a badass on the stage.  And she’s yummy.  I’m sorry, I know I keep coming around to her looks, but maybe it’s just because she so willingly serves up edgy lesbians for me to ogle appreciate?

By my (undoubtedly inaccurate) count, she has played:
Ditzy and hilarious lesbian ghost Thelma on Hex
HAWT lesbian rocker Montana on Sugar Rush
Sleazy Lorna Mertz in The Black Dahlia
Suffragette Eve Douglas in Her Naked Skin

And she was totally solid as a straight chick in Kinky Boots, too!  Did I miss any gay turns for Ms. Rooper?  Those of you in the U.K. – is the Jemima love strong over there?


Also, Jemima was briefly ridiculous on Twitter, handle “Captain Pooper.”  I particularly enjoy what I can only believe is a reference to portraying forced feeding in prison in Her Naked Skin:


Some bonus gayness for you!


8 thoughts on “Lady A Day 050: Jemima Rooper

  1. Oh, may I say, you pick the BEST ladies!
    I’m a Brit, and while I can’t speak for everyone, I definitely ♥ Jemima Rooper. The love is strong. The girl is funny and she positively oozes sexiness.

    She played ‘George’ in The Famous Five when she was a kid. Given that ‘George’ is a tomboy and a lot of folks confuse ‘tomboy’ with ‘lesbian’ – does that count as another role? ;O)

    • Thank you mightily for the Lady props! I am very picky about my Ladies – they must meet pretty rigorous criteria.

      Does George ever have a close friendship with another girl? That would help your case.

  2. I had never heard of her but that mistake is corrected, many thanks to you.
    She looks so much like a younger Carla Gugino in those pics, I did a double take!
    Um… nice little vid, there, Sparkie. I’m just confused.. why isn’t there a storage door hiding everything? lol

    • I recommend watching “Hex” (a somewhat awful show) to get some decent exposure to Jemima. It’s a bit old, but her role in “Sugar Rush” was incredible brief (just the clip I linked to), really. “Sugar Rush” as a whole is awesome though, and stars the wonderful Sarah-Jane Potts, who will also be a Lady one of these days.

      I guess I can see the Carla Gugino. A little bit.

      • Ah the things those ladies make us do… it’s ok though, it won’t be the first time I watch a bad show for an awesome actress. I’ll give it a try. Sugar Rush, I heard about but never got a chance to check out. It moves up on my list.
        I’ll have to find that Carla Gugino picture that makes them look like twins. It’s just the pic, btw, they don’t look that much alike, a little but not that much. Pictures sometimes… though I’m still looking for the one that makes me look like anyone but me! Damn!

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