Lady A Day 048: P!nk

I don’t understand why P!nk hasn’t found as much success in the U.S. as she has abroad, but I’d like for her to come home please. Come home and put on a sparkly unitard and do gymnastics while singing her guts out while suspended in midair. Could we all be nicer to P!nk so she will come back to us?

She’s crazy fit.  She breaks all sorts of stereotypes about what makes a woman beautiful and how women should behave.  She writes lovely statement songs demanding human rights.  She seems like the kind of person who doesn’t seek validation, she just wants to put on a really awesome show.  I could be way off base, but from what I gather, Ms. Alecia Moore has a Grade A Disposition.  And she’s smart.  What I’m saying is, I want her back Europe.  Make it snappy.

And can anybody tell me why WordPress sucks so hard at embedding videos?

One thought on “Lady A Day 048: P!nk

  1. Nope. We’re keeping her! :p

    SHe’s apparently a very very sweet person too. I have a friend who slaved away at Sony Music as a “product manager” (that’s what they call the people who take care of local promotion for the “products”, sorry, the artists ;)) and she was working with Pink. She spent time with her on several occasions and she only has the nicest things to say. She’s very cool and down to earth (unlike Avril Lavigne for instance who actually called her agent in NY to ask him to call Sony and ask them why her limo was not white while sitting in the limo with my friend! lol).

    So yes we like her and we treat her so well, she’ll never be back 😀

    Personally I love her lyrics above all else. And she was cool enough to record as a guest on a song by Indigo Girls who are not megastars like her and invite them to sing on Dear Mr President. She’s a class act and a great writer and musician.

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