Lady A Day 047: Kate Earl

I’m baaaack!!!!

You know how happy it makes me when I find out that someone I already think is really talented is also really, really pretty?  Hellllo there, Kate Earl.  I have been listening to her eponymous CD on repeat for weeks now.  WEEKS.  And I only thought to look up her website yesterday and I was like, WHOA NELLY YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING.  Definitely Lady material, with songwriting akin to an updated Jewel (they’re both from Alaska!), and a flawless songbird sound.  Listen at her website (linked below) but then purchase at iTunes and support this wonderful rising star. is a gorgeous website for a gorgeous artist.  Plenty to investigate there.  Like Kate’s adorable baby bump (if you have a thing for pregnant chicks) (and I do?) (what of it?).


2 thoughts on “Lady A Day 047: Kate Earl

  1. Wow. I’d been told by trustworthy sources that I should check out your Lady-a-Day posts and it looks like I chose a great day to start!
    I never heard her or about her before but I can tell you I’ll keep an ear on her now. That video on her website? Beautiful! AND ballsy. So many new artists hide behind arrangements and production as much as they can but it takes balls to display your voice and your music naked of artifice like that. Not that she’d need anything but her voice, her lyrics and her piano to make me swoon. I love my music as raw as possible and she just won me over.

    Great choice!

    • Thanks so much for coming to check out my space.

      I haven’t listened to Kate’s first CD yet (from 2005), but I heard it’s even more musically interesting….so definitely investigate her further.


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