Lady A Day 046: Sandra Bullock

Can we just give it up for Sandra Bullock?  No, really.  That lady is classy and empowered and beautiful and about bazillion other good words.  She doesn’t always make the most…artful…choices in life (Jesse scumbag James, All About Steve, etc…) but she keeps her chin up, files those divorce papers, and collects her Razzie award.  And Sandra Bullock may have stunning good looks, but she’s also got some sort of onscreen charm that allows me to guiltlessly enjoy the lighter movie fare she serves up.  For example, The Lake House, or Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I will admit I watched (and loved) them both (multiple times).  She sounds like an amazing mom, an amazing friend and collaborator, and an all around great gal.  Love ya, Sandy.


6 thoughts on “Lady A Day 046: Sandra Bullock

  1. Oh yes, I totally approve of this choice! I’ve loved Sandy B for a long time – pretty much since Speed, I think – and her Razzies speech reminded me why she is so awesome. I love her RomComs, she does light and funny so well, but The Blind Side was just incredible and I really hope she does a few more serious films as well.

    *nods* yes yes, good choice.

  2. I love Sandra Bullock in everything she does. Everything. Even in the less “artful” All About Steve, I can find things to appreciate in her acting/character, like how she jumps into that giant hole and the enthusiasm she has for creating crossword puzzles. She’s pretty much a comedic genius, and gorgeous, and down to earth, and I think she and I could totes be BFFs. If we knew each other.

    And while I love her more serious acting turns in movies like The Blind Side and Crash and hope she keeps pursuing more diverse characters and types of film, I think my favorite Bullock movie will forever be Miss Congeniality.

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