Lady A Day 045: Cynthia Nixon

However you might feel about the “message” of Sex and the City, there’s no denying that the women who brought Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda to life took a chance by signing on to the show.  They talk straight, they dress fabulously, and they get busy on camera.  Frequently.  And whether success is measured in dollars or the number of conversations SATC episodes sparked among women, their gambles definitely paid off.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come of the public fascination with these ladies, on screen and off, is the exposure given to Cynthia Nixon‘s coming out story.  From the least likely of places, the gay community found an intelligent, brave advocate who never apologizes for her life.  She advocates for education reform, she marches for equality, and she stands up as a breast cancer survivor.  And to that I say, “Brava, Cynthia.”  Ms. Nixon demonstrates that as a celebrity, there is a way to be both open and classy about your personal life.

Insofar as her acting goes, Cynthia has certainly proven she can take on drama in addition to sex comedy – see Warm Springs if you’re a doubter – but I would die to catch her back on Broadway at some point.  I’m still kicking myself for missing her Tony-winning performance in Rabbit Hole (2005).

You must know what I mean when I ask, “Is anybody here a Miranda?”

2 thoughts on “Lady A Day 045: Cynthia Nixon

  1. Out of all the SATC girls, Miranda and Cynthia have always been my favourites. I love Cynthia’s glaad awards speech. She’s so eloquent. Classy is definitely a good way to describe her.

    Adding Warm Springs to my DVD rental list.

  2. She’s gorgeous, outspoken, talented and a redhead. What’s not to love?

    And better yet, her girlfriend is total butch and so what?! She redefines everyone’s idea of celebrity shallow glamourous life just by saying she loves someone? So be it!

    Amazing lady.

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