Lady A Day 043: Janet McTeer

Like Tilda Swinton (Lady 003), Brit Janet McTeer is one of those actresses that just completely OWNS everything she does.  And as with my college Tilda obsession, watching Janet as Vita Sackville-West in Portrait of a Marriage sent me off on a crash course of all things Janet and all things Vita.  At one point I tracked down a first edition of Vita’s poetry collection, The Garden, that Vita herself had read from, and then read the same excerpt from the same copy in the location where she originally read it.  I’m telling you, I was totally coo-coo.  The things you and your crossdressing and husky voice and on-screen lady loving drove me to, Janet!!!!

This woman.  UNF.  She’s tall, she’s commanding, and she will knock your mothereffing socks off in every single role she takes on.  See: Tumbleweeds (2000 Golden Globe, Oscar nom), Songcatcher, Daphne, and her stage roles in A Doll’s House (1997 Tony), Mary Stuart (2009 Tony nom), and God of Carnage (now on Broadway).  The woman can act.  Also, she legit drives a motorcycle.  And wear men’s clothes really, really well.  She wears men’s clothes so well that should a blogger take to tracking down photos of Janet for her website, she may find herself a little inappropriately affected and have to head outside for a breather.  I mean, it could happen.


2 thoughts on “Lady A Day 043: Janet McTeer

  1. YES! I tracked “Portrait of a Marriage” down when I was still a bit too young to appreciate it fully. I need to see it again. Janet McTeer is amazing in it, but I haven’t seen her in anything else since that. 😦

    Just curious but, it also seems like “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” would be up your alley:

    It’s not released yet in the US, but it’s on Brit TV again next week and I have some modly friends trying to record it so that I can see it. If you would like, I will share the love!

    Sorry for semi-hijacking this post for mentions of other lesbian author films…I also concur with the latter half of the post. Ladies that rock leather and ride = hawt.

    • Anne Lister? Yes, please! You’ll let me know if your efforts are succesful? 😉

      While writing this up I remembered that Janet McTeer gives me such a ladyboner. It’s like playing with fire. Now I need to rewatch Portrait too.

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