Lady A Day 042: Bethenny Frankel

Consummate New Yorker.  Natural foods chef.  Reality television star.  Reigning Queen of Snark.  Bethenny Frankel. I have quite the love/hate relationship with reality television, but try as I might I cannot give up The Real Housewives of NYC, and Bethenny Frankel is the reason.  Even in this season of batshit crazy, completely mortifying behavior from the entire cast, I cling to Bethenny’s scenes like they’re a lifeboat in the shitstorm.  She has the perfect one-liner for every conversation and she can always be counted on to take it there.  I admit I miss her back-and-forth dialogue with Jill Zarin, but her blossoming relationship with fellow housewife Alex presents so many opportunities for the funny.  Bethenny effortlessly shoots a perfectly-timed zinger and poor Alex never seems to know what hit her.

Alex: My husband is texting me about whether he should wear dark or light-colored boots.
Bethenny: Tell him he’s in the midst of a deep homosexual panic.

From her shotgun wedding and unplanned motherhood, to her PETA-posing and Skinny Girl empire-building, to her twitter obsession with her dog Cookie, Bethenny’s life seems both insane and totally grounded. Her personality is larger-than-life, but she still deals with the nitty-gritty of family and friendships and self-doubt like anybody else. I heart Bethenny Frankel all the way from her manicured toes to her big fake boobies to her ridiculous sunhats.

Uptown and Downtown
How cute does she look munching that cupcake?  So cute.

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