Lady A Day 040: Toni Collette

You know she had to show up here eventually, right?  It’s upfront week, when all of the major networks announce their fall television lineups.  So in honor of television in general, I thought I’d highlight yet another outstanding lead actress on TV this season and next.  Toni Collette is one flexible Aussie.  Now get your mind out of the gutter.

What I mean is she takes on really chilling roles in movies like The Sixth Sense and The Night Listener, and then she mixes it up with “more going on beneath the surface” characters like her housewife in The Hours or the mother in Little Miss Sunshine, or even the sister in In Her Shoes, and she never fails to hit the comedic nail on the head.  All in an impeccable American accent.  Her accent is so irreproachable that I even have a hard time imaging Toni whispering sweet nothings with an Aussie lilt.  But I will keep trying.  Because I’m dedicated.

I have never before seen an actress literally transform on camera the way Toni does in her most praise-worthy role to date, playing Tara in Showtime’s Dissociative Identity Disorder-as-entertainment, surprisingly heavy-hitting United States of Tara. In the course of an episode, Toni flips from hip young mom to teen rebel to womanizing redneck to 50s-era housewife to GOBLIN IN A PONCHO.  And this season’s new “alter,” Shoshanna, might just be my favorite.  (I do miss T, the teen, though, since Toni Collette in a thong is never a bad thing.)

And besides stating the obvious (“She. Is. Hot.”), can I just remark upon her fantastic teeth?  Odd, I know, but she’s so distinctive looking and I think the teeth have something to do with it.  Anybody know what I’m talking about?  No?  Some visual assistance:


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 040: Toni Collette

  1. She has incredible charisma, she’s gorgeous and ‘versatile’ doesn’t even come close to covering how extended is her range.

    And that kockout smile just wouldn’t be the same with other teeth 😉

    Did you know she also has an incredible voice and write music? She’s in a band (The Finish) and rocked Broadway in The Wild Party a few years back.

    Have you seen Connie and Carla? She was hillarious and since there is always that 12 degrees game going around, I have to point out her love interest is played by none other than Dash Mihok who was giving tips and losing shooting range bets with Archie as Detective Frank earlier this season in the TGW.

  2. I’ve hearted Toni since Muriel’s Wedding. Please tell me you’ve seen it??? If not, seriously, get thee to a video store or a netflix queue asap.

    Sadly, I’ve not had Showtime for over a year now and only got to see a few eps of the first season of US of Tara. I might make catching up on awesome TV series my summer goal…. Start compiling a list for me, will ya? 😉

    (Oh, and I second the above-stated Connie & Carla hilarity!)

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