Lady A Day 039: Eve Best

Nurse Jackie was my first exposure to stage and television actress Eve Best, but by golly, I’m sold!  Looking over her stage credits, it seems like she’s got a remarkable range, but you’d never know it from her portrayal of Dr. Eleanor O’Hara, a designer clothes and fine food-loving Brit,  and Jackie’s BFF.  She seems MADE for the part.  Delivery of witty one-liners aside, Best’s greatest strength is bringing real heart to a character who would be played too coolly by many other actors.  O’Hara has buried her mother, broken up with her girlfriend, and tried to drown her sorrows in booze, ecstasy, and casual sex, but Best never fails to captivate me with her choices and each scene comes off as oddly bright and optimistic.  The writers have done their part, but I think the character’s success is owed mostly to statuesque actress Eve Best.  And dayum, she wears clothes well.


6 thoughts on “Lady A Day 039: Eve Best

  1. So I finally check your Lady-A-Day posts and you start with my second favorite Brit 😉

    Loved her character in Nurse Jackie last season, love her even more this season. She’s just snarky enough, just cocky enough and she brings unprecedented depth to a character that could have been minor at best in the hands of another actress. The Emmy Academy should be ashamed of themselves for snubbing her last year! I’m not complaining Cheno won because she deserved it and can use the hype but if they don’t nominate her this year (which if course will see Jane Lynch win), I’ll stop watching the Emmys! Same thing for the SAGs… really if there is a “comedy” cast that deserved a nomination more than them, I’d like to see them please. Just seeing Eve, Anna Deavere Smith and Edie Falco on the same screen fills me with joy!

    Had the pleasure of seeing her on stage in London as Heda Gabler and did she impress the hell out of me! She was also verrry nice at the stage door and stayed for over an hour signing autographs and generally just chatting with total strangers as if she was meeting people at a party.

    Now since she lives parttime in NYC for Nurse Jackie… how about a guest in The Good Wife? Wouldn’t she make a kicking opposite counsel?…Eve+Best.html

  2. She’s my favorite on the show and considering the rest of the cast and the amazing array of snarky ballsy ladies they provide, that’s saying a lot.

    She brings the fun on but most of all, she can slam so much humanity into the character in just a few words or an expression. Where has she been all my life?

    • Yes yes and yes.

      I don’t know how it’s possible I never heard of her before NJ, but I’m glad that this is her first big part on US television. Setting the bar ridiculously high.

  3. Catching up on the list now–Eve Best is inching out Mary McD. in my heart for Favorite Lady. Win: wardrobe puts her in the wrong kind of whitecoat so as to keep her backside visible at all times. Also, she is damn talented.

    • I absolutely approve of this development.

      Nice noticing the coat! Have you gotten caught up? My favorite outfit so far has to have been the English riding pants, jacket with tails, and stiletto boots.

      I must see what else she has done…

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