Kalinda, The Artist Formerly Known as Detective Burton, and My General Confusion

Just to keep all of my irons in the fire regarding The Good Wife and “The Gay on My Teevee,” which focused on investigator Kalinda Sharma’s sexual ambiguity…

Last night’s episode, “Unplugged,” raised a whole host of new questions.  And yes, they’re mostly to do with Kalinda’s sexual preference (as opposed to her professional motives).  This is such a double-edged sword.  I really want to know what’s going on with her, and it seems like the writers are trying to heavily tie that to some sort of sexual revelation, but I also just know she’s bisexual and don’t want to wait for some sort of empirical evidence onscreen.  It was in the pilot script!  A conundrum I tell you.

At least the episodes are so interesting to watch, I manage to suppress my instinct to default into fangirlish freakout and just enjoy how everything plays out.  That said, here was my inner commentary while watching Kalinda’s storyline unfold in “Unplugged” :

Okay, what does everybody make of what went down last night with Detective Burton?  Let’s hear some theories!

1) Burton has a big ol crush on K, ditches his fishing trip to track her down at the bar.  Also, where is this bar?  K&A seem to frequent it.  I want to know so I can crash one of their ladydates.
Burton tells K about his crush, his divorce, and his kid – in that order.  He sure seems to be laying his cards on the table.  Which makes his later claim that he just wants something physically gratifying a little hard to buy.  Does he change his mind?  Is he just being upfront?  Why does he so strongly resemble Prince? Basically, what is this dude’s deal?

2) Burton chases a “bored” K down and lays one on her.  She pulls away, makes him get in his car (which she conveniently recognizes outside?), checks to see if he was BSing her about the fishing trip, then plants one on him.  This is so hard to decipher.
Did she want to make sure he was packed safely into his car so she could control the situation, i.e. walk away after kissing him?  What’s the what here?

3) K finds Burton at the bar and wants the toxicology report.  Burton wants to know why she isn’t taking his calls, then assures her that he knows she has “vulnerability” issues and just wants a physical relationship.  K says she’s in a relationship, he doesn’t believe her, Burton tells her to finish her drink, pay, and follow him.  K gives the lady bartender the once over.  END SCENE AND OH GOD I OFFICIALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK:
Why isn’t she taking his calls?  Avoidance?  Disinterest?
Vulnerability issues?  How do you meter K’s response to that?

She’s in a relationship?  Is she telling a fib, or does anybody want to propose a theory as to who she’s in this relationship with?
Is K interested in his offer?  She looks kinda turned on and starts to do as he says, but then does she double-guess herself?
WTF lady bartender?  They’re just toying with us, right?
What does she see in this guy?  Does she want him for his greasy hair body?  His insider info?  Both?

4) Burton questions the players in the rock star coma case with K in the room.
Did they or didn’t they?  What the heck is going on?

Anybody???  Bueller?!?

I’m thinking these questions will all be up in the air for the next two episodes, and we’ll probably get more confused before we get any clarity whatsoever.  Both Det. Burton and FBI Agent Lana Delaney, with whom we’ve seen Kalinda flirt, are slated to appear in the final two episodes this season, and with James Carpinella (Det. Burton) returning as a recurring next….who knows?


22 thoughts on “Kalinda, The Artist Formerly Known as Detective Burton, and My General Confusion

  1. Ooh, thanks for the good scoop on both Det. Burton and FBI Agent Lana Delaney’s appearances in the next two episodes! That sounds juicy and possibly illuminating.

    You forgot to mention that after Burton & K’s encounter at the car, the following morning K was late in meeting Alicia & Cary at the rock star’s house (presumably because she had some late night “activity” the night before).

    I think K likes Burton and his attraction to her, but I think she likes the intel he provides even more.

    • I could have included the visit to the rock star’s house, to which Kalinda arrives late, as a point, certainly. The thing is, next time K find Burton at the bar and she claims she’s in a relationship he says he doesn’t believe because of the way she kissed him. Kissed. I assume that if things had gone further after she smooched him in his van, he wouldn’t have just said “kiss.” He also whispers something reaaaally naughty in her ear, which I would guess means they haven’t slept together before the second bar meeting. After? Perhaps. So. confuzzling.

      My pleasure to provide the scoop when able!

  2. Figured it was about time I stopped the um, stalking, and left you a comment here…what better to write about than Kalinda! First things first, despite the unanswered questions, I fully enjoyed Kalinda’s storyline/screentime 🙂

    I LOVE her “moments”, as the writers put it, with Alicia. If we have to wait for answers about her sexuality I will enjoy this developing relationship. Reminds me in some ways of Meredith/Christina on Grey’s Anatomy.

    As for last night, I guess I didn’t make much of the bartender. She almost seemed to be a prop of sorts, a mirror in which Kalinda(and the viewer) briefly saw herself before heading out the door.

    Burton has always been flirty with K but if I hadn’t seen the pics, I think the kiss would’ve have thrown me. What changed all of a sudden? I’ve always felt like the writers have had Kalinda “working” people (holding two competing positions, giving out only enough information to get what she needed, keeping her personal life personal etc.)… it’s tempting to say this series of events with Burton is a similar situation, she played him and her relationship status is irrelevant. But I think the emotions playing out on K’s face betrayed her. Also, I think I’d know the car of someone I worked with, no biggy.

    Oh, and…You’ve “suppressed your fangirl freakout”? Really?

    • Maybe very early Mer/Cris, where Alicia is Mer and Kalinda is Cris. But not them now, no way. Can you imagine Kalinda crying over, well, anything much?

      The bartender seemed put there to alert slower viewers to her ambivalence maybe, nothing more. She was so boring looking anyway. Not for K imho.

      And you underestimate my control. This show doesn’t drive me crazy like Grey’s. It just SATISFIES me. Ahhhhhh

  3. Oh, good point thegoodfan, re Burton & K not sleeping together after the 1st bar meeting. I’d like to think that K went home after the car kiss w/Burton, to her relationship person… who might be the mysterious Donna (who answered K’s phone when Alicia called her in an earlier episode), or maybe the fetching FBI agent, Lana Delaney, who’ll be appearing in the final episodes.

  4. I want to know what he whispered in her ear so I can know and join them. Because dark, slightly bad-boy cops make me less gay. Throw in a really hot girl who wears a lot of leather and I am THERE.

  5. Lots and lots of unanswered questions… sounds like a regular Kalinda storyline!

    There are a lot of bad vibes concerning the cop but I like him. He’s not my type but I don’t think Kalinda cares about that 😀
    I like that he’s not letting Kalinda get away with the shifty non-answers answers and that he’s trying to play her angle. You know the “who needs a relationship?” angle.

    And yes where the hell was she? They didn’t do it after that kiss, no way. Like you say, he would have talked about it and acted different. So what happened there? Kalinda sure seems a little sour when she arrived at the Max’s mansion the next day. Even Alicia picked up on it… she was that obvious 😉

  6. I just keep watching and watching the episode and I’m not any clearer on whatever is going on there.

    Didn’t Archie say we’d know more about Kalinda’s preference in the season finale? That wasn’t the finale so what gives? Does it mean it’s going to get even more confusifying in the finale?

    It’s ok, I’ll just watch it another dozen times. I don’t usually need an excuse but this time I’ll make an exception.

  7. she wants nothing to do with detective burton.

    it’s gonna be kalinda and lana all the way.

    she probably let him lock lips with her, because he has wanted her since the

    show first started. she would no more cal him, then alicia would will.

    its lana who is gonna be with kalinda.

  8. bye bye burton, kalinda dont wantcha.

    lana and kalinda had to do more than chit chat

    in the storage room.

    unless it was a fight, they were getting some action.

    lana did not seem to care about what kalinda was doing with det.burton.

    lana used that as an exscuse to be with her.

    • I think you’re wrong in one respect – Kalinda does seem to value Burton’s friendship if not his romantic prospects. She never apologizes (she never apologized to Alicia for visiting Peter in jail, for example) and she apologized to him for thinking he could be a bad cop. In fact, that was the last scene we saw her in all season.

      • I’m with you. I don’t like the guy but Kalinda really seems to like him. I don’t know how “romantic” she can get with anyone, not with those damn walls she has built around herself, but she likes him.

        Not to mention she did slip him that privileged info about a client to help him clear his name. That was a risky move and I’d so love it to come and bite her back in the ass next season… just ‘cuz. With the way she clearly showed her discontent with Alicia, Will and Diane at their client getting money after framing cops for her husband’s murder, I can’t believe they’re not going to come back to that in S2.

  9. however this plays out,

    lana IS GOING TO fight to be with kalinda.

    if kalinda ends up with tony, ok then.

    the way lana showed kalinda a picture of her and tony, didn’t seem like

    lana was the much interested in what was in the storage room.

    • Not really sure we’ll see any more Tony.

      And I think you’re right, that storage room scene was all about confrontation. IF she had thought before that Kalinda was “compromised”, the fact she called her after discovering the stash cleared her of everything (except kissing a guy as Kalinda pointed out).

      I think Kalinda though the little jealousy fit was cute. She was a little cold up to that moment with Lana. But maybe they were fighting. All we know is that Kalinda was breathing hard afterward 😉

  10. they sure were breathing hard after ward

    when kalinda moved up against lana; they were getting ready

    to either do you know what, or,

    kalinda got in lana’s face to have a cat fight.

    lana seemed more into “wanting to be with kalinda”, instead of

    what was in the storage.

  11. I think Kalinda though the little jealousy fit was cute. but at the same time they could have faught but think that they like each other and was doing the u what but i cant wait for the next season

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