Lady A Day 038: Julianna Margulies

This is admittedly a fluff post.  Fluff because I am once again indulging in my love of all things The Good Wife.  My only defense?  It’s Good Wife Tuesday!!!

Now that that’s out of the way, I think Julianna Margulies is absolutely a fair pick because my admiration of The Margs stretches back to her stint as Nurse Carol Hathaway on ER, through that lesbo-licious storyline in the movie What’s Cooking? (see below), all the way to the current day.  She’s always an actress who manages to imbue quieter characters with profound emotional depth (or as profound as it gets on television).  Her facial expressions are so honed and subtle.  And, just to be superficial for a moment, I’m minorly obsessed with her hair.  Not so much the crazy curls a la ER, but she has the most amazing long ladylocks in What’s Cooking?, and her blown out ‘do on The Good Wife is just so damn luscious.  I can’t lie: Sometimes, when she appears on screen all buttoned up and sleek, I want to reach into the frame and run my fingers through it.  Whoa.  Scary.  And I’m rambling.  But you guys.  Widow’s peak. That’s all I’m saying.

If my blurb doesn’t win you over, how ’bout some of this?  Hot momma.

Nice *ahem* shirt. Also, please keep doing whatever the hell you’re doing in that 2nd pic.


7 thoughts on “Lady A Day 038: Julianna Margulies

  1. What a lovely choice! I’ve loved Julianna since her ER days… I even sat through Ghost Ship because of her and that is not something to be done lightly. Or sober. Have you seen Paradise Road?

    Julianna is the reason I started watching The Good Wife, I’ve been waiting for her to get involved in something good since ER. I totally agree about her facial expressions, she’s an amazing actress.

    Day 37 is a good day. 🙂

  2. Honestly I didn’t like ER. and worse, I didn’t like her in ER. The whole Clooney lovestory as just plain boring to me and I couldn’t separate her from it.

    And then I saw What’s Cooking. Changed my mind completely!
    She was also great in The Lost Room, a fantastic mini series where she plays a shifty badass ball buster.
    Then I watched the sadly early departed Canterbury’s Law and hate Fox a little more for cancelling it… what a part.

    And she was also what drove me to The Good Wife. I didn’t even know Archie was in it or I wouldn’t have waited over a month to check out the pilot! I wasn’t up to yet another court drama but hey in JMarg we trust! Guess I’ll have to thank her for that 🙂

    can you believe I know people who think she’s unattractive? What?! If I had to choose between the gorgeous black hair, the luscious lips, the porcelain skin and the fiery eyes, I’d take the whole of it to go, please… Seriously! Are these people blind?

    Oh and of course, as if it wasn’t enough, she’s amazingly talented. Can you think of anyone who would have been a better fit for Alicia? Half of the character is unsaid and worked through a flicker of the eyes, a half smile, a shrugh… I can see the character crumbling under the weight of anyone else’s acting from here! But not her, nope!

    Did I mention she made a kickass team with Archie? Funny thing is those two seem as different as their characters are and yet chemistry oozes! Go figure!

  3. Almost made me fell off my chair with those pics! If I have one bone to pick with TGW, it’s that they just don’t do justice to Julianna’s hotness. I get it, Alicia is not Julianna but seriously, she’s way too hot for tv!! 😀

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