Lady A Day 037: Daria Morgendorffer

La la LA la la.  La la LA la la.

Thank you, Daria, for coming along when you did, with your strong glasses frames and biting commentary and homosexy sidekick.  Twelve-year-old me was so tremendously gratified to see you on her television screen, negotiating crushes and intense friendships and the ridiculousness that is high school and high-achieving parents and under-achieving younger sisters.  You dealt with all of it, and you did it with snark.  In fact, Daria Morgendorffer, you were my first ever snark icon.  I studied at your combat boot-wearing feet.  And you may only live on now in the Sim universe, in creepy cosplay, and in even creepier fanart, but you, Daria, are an indelible cartoon beotch, and I will love you forever.

La la LA la la.  La la LA la la.


Readers: Are you a Daria? A Jane? A Quinn?….A Trent?  A member of the faculty of Lawndale High? No judging!

Also: My birthday is June 9, bitchez.


11 thoughts on “Lady A Day 037: Daria Morgendorffer

  1. Love!

    Oh gosh, you were 12! I feel old now…Still love Daria though. So glad that the series was finally released on DVD. Bout effin time! I need to own it. I wish Janeane Garafalo had been the voice of Daria cause that would have been even more awesome…but when she hosted the special on the series, the collision was a little bit of heaven. I digress…Daria = awesome.

  2. Dude. I was so excited when I saw this. Daria is amazing. Probably my favorite cartoon character ever. (I cannot wait to get the series on DVD. So pumped.)

  3. Yes! Nothing beats Daria’s snark and sarcasm. She was totally my hero too. I also always loved her Dad and his random outbursts of hostility. I still sometimes like to shout “Damn smoke pellets don’t even look like real smoke!” randomly when I’m angry in his honor.

  4. Even I liked Daria– a LOT– and I’m a dude. Her spacey sister was hawt (just kidding, I know we’re supposed to hate her).

  5. Damn those music rights for making us wait all those years!

    I loved Daria mostly because she made me feel better about being a Daria 😉
    My life was easier than hers because my sister is a Jane and not a Queenie so I kinda found my bff in the womb and but life’s tough for the Darias of this world… only funnier than the average 🙂

    One of my favourite quotes and a frequent signature on boards
    “Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it’s almost like depth” 😀

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