Lady A Day 036: Charlotte Gainsbourg

French actress/musician Charlotte Gainsbourg is lovely.  Not only is she lovely, she basically sweats talent from her very pores.  Everybody touts her famous parentage (Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg) as an influence, and I’m sure it was, but let’s not diminish Charlotte’s natural grace.  I always want to hate French women because they’re so slim and glamorously disheveled and….seemingly unfazed by the petty stuff in life.  Whoa, generalizations.  I apologize.  My point is that Charlotte is all of those things, and an astonishingly good actress and musician to boot.  You guys, she collaborated with Beck on her latest album.  Can you say aural orgasm?

Ms. Gainsbourg is probably one of the hardest-working artists in France.  She records and tours for her albums, she’s a mom, and she picks these heavy film roles which I’m sure take it out of her.  I loved her as Jane in Jane Eyre (1996), but the real pleasure has come from watching her evolve.  I still haven’t caught The Science of Sleep, but she was the best part of the I’m Not There, and that’s saying A LOT, because that movie also starred Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan.  With skinny ties. And still Charlotte was the emotional heart of that exceedingly bizarre movie.

Plus, the camera loves her.


4 thoughts on “Lady A Day 036: Charlotte Gainsbourg

  1. I have no idea who she is but if you say I should check her out, I will. That’s how much I trust you 😉

  2. I also hate French women for being all those things and I’m French… and none of these things 😉 Jealous? Maybe… I prefer “enlightened” 😀

    I’m not fond of her singing. Not my taste, but she’s an incredibly subtle actress and her complex layered style gave life to many parts that would have been pretty much DOA if not for her. I’d recommend La Petite Voleuse if you can lay your hands on a subtitled version or speak French. She’s just amazing and so young, its hard to believe she can give such a performance!

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