Lady A Day 035: Gwen Stefani

Who here has been walking in the spiderwebs?  Felt as though you were just a girl in the world?  Washed  in someone’s old bathwater?*  Tragic Kingdom was one of those albums that absolutely defined my pre-teen years.  As I’m typing, I’m actually visualizing the  well-worn liner notes, the band members photographed in a Kodachrome-bright orange grove, this punky blond chick up front, demanding that I look at her.  Oh, young me.  You were so unaware of how totally gay you were for Gwen Stefani.

Released in 1995, Tragic Kingdom was one of the very first CDs I ever owned, and I have purchased and loved each successive No Doubt album ever since (yes, even Rock Steady).  Sure, Gwen’s struck out on her own and made some….interesting musical choices, but in my mind, she will always be the frontwoman of No Doubt, jumping on beds in her undies, telegraphing her hunger for power and love with every glance at the camera, every song.  She’s that pink-haired, muscular beast of a tiny woman, tearing up the stage with her girl rage.  And no kids, or marching band apparel, or luxury clothing and perfume lines will ever change that for me.


*Technically, “Bathwater” is from Return of Saturn (2000).

4 thoughts on “Lady A Day 035: Gwen Stefani

  1. Oh, dear…and those adolescences collide once again. Is it weird that I remember clear as day sitting at the lunch table with my peeps in ninth grade gushing over my newest musical find: “Tragic Kingdom”. My friends and I were soooo into Ska and after I convinced a few of them that this was indeed worth a listen, we hunted down their very first album “No Doubt”.

    I didn’t know I was gay, and I still don’t really go for blondes, but something about Gwen bopping around in that “just a girl” bathroom. So liberated, with such awesome abs…how could I not love her?

    Okay, so some of her later stuff was pop-trash, but it was catchy pop-trash! Gwen rules, and she definitely ain’t no Harlem fat girl…er, uh…Hollerback girl. Whatever that is.

    • Don’t you just kinda wish you could party with her one night?

      I love how the videographer for “Bathwater” was obviously infatuated with Gwen’s tummy. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

      And yes, I even kinda liked the pop-trash. It got a little weird with the Sound of Music soundbites, though….

  2. She does have that “party with me” appeal. Personally, I think the Sound of Music samples were just a way to validate Gwen’s desire for group dances in lederhosen. It worked.

  3. First… what’s wrong with Rock Steady? 😉

    Second, well… she might have ‘evolved’ beyond my musical interests but she rocked my younger years with spunk!

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