Lady A Day 033: Anne Hathaway

Annie, Annie, Annie.  Princess Mia.  Thank God Anne Hathaway got serious after those ridiculous Princess Diaries movies.  It pained me to watch them, honestly.

Over the past decade, Anne has transformed herself into a perfect fit for the Lady list.  She’s got some definite flexibility, moving from films with grit (Brokeback Mountain anyone?) to blockbuster stuff like The Devil Wears Prada and Valentine’s Day, and throwing in some cross-dressing Shakespeare in the Park for good measure.  And insofar as delivering the great performances? Rachel Getting Married was hands down my favorite film of 2008.  So, so good.  So manic and funny and visually gorgeous, and at the same time achingly sad.  Whoever cast Anne Hathaway and Rosemarie DeWitt as sisters is a friggin’ genius.

Lady points: Keeping it consistently classy despite having really shitty boyfriend drama? Check. Articulate? Check. Made my jaw hit the floor when she posed for GQ? Check check check.

Thank you for this, Anne.
Question for the peanut gallery: Which was more swoon-worthy in The Devil Wears Prada: actress Emily Blunt or Anne’s wardrobe?

10 thoughts on “Lady A Day 033: Anne Hathaway

  1. In nearly every movie she’s in, she somehow becomes my favourite character, even if she’s playing someone unlikable. It’s odd…

    And though I do love Annie, but I have to say that I find Emily Blunt more swoon-worthy. I think it all comes down to the accent 🙂

    • I think I liked Blunt’s character because she was bitchy. The huffing and eye rolling totally hooked me. Haven’t like her nearly as much in other roles. She has some odd affectations.

  2. Um…the wardrobe. (with Emily as a close second)

    How does Anne manage to get great clothes in EVERYTHING she does? She was even uber-cute in “Bride Wars” for crying out loud! Anne is just amazing and I think she’s shaping up to be our times Audrey Hepburn. I’ll watch pretty much anything she’s associated with anymore. What’s even better? My girlfriend likes to look at her too so I can even drag her along to the chick flicks 😉

    • I am having difficulty choosing between the Blunt and the digs. It’s so close.

      I refuse to see Bride Wars. I don’t want it to taint my fondness for Annie. Was it awful/decent?

      • I SAID Emily vs. wardrobe was a close call…

        I agree with arosalia below. See Bride Wars when you are in the mood for fluff. It was cute, the outfits were good and it’s a friendship movie about girl bonds. I liked it.

        …and maybe also own it on DVD. Shuush, no judging.

  3. Anne’s wardrobe–even (maybe especially?) the ratty college sweatshirt and ponytail. Although I do heart Emily Blount, too.

    See Bride Wars. Just watch when you want substance-less chick flickery. I enjoyed it 🙂

    And I will second, third, and fourth your comments about Rachel Getting Married. I absolutely loved that movie, and Ms. Hathaway was incredible and heart-wrenching and so. f-ing. real. Like you said, beautiful, articulate, and classy. And she even cares about gay rights, ftw!

  4. I must admit I was not a fan of hers until Rachel Getting Married. She blew me away. And you totally have to do a Lady A Day on Rosemarie DeWitt!! She was freakin’ genius in the movie as well! If she had been more famous, she would have scored an Oscar Nomination in a blink!

    But back to Anne. I like that she’s trying to steer herself away from Romantic Comedy and Cutie Movie Hell. More power to her! She did held her own in The Devil… and she was confronted with The Tush and The Streep so it was not a piece of cake!

    About that question, dear. Emily Blunt gets my vote everytime, whatever the question so I couldn’t be objective. Her bitchiness in Devil was so impressive and hot, I’ll probably forgive her for The Wolfman in time 😉 Wasn’t she awesome in Sunshine Cleaning? Ah… here I go again.

    • Rosemarie might get her own LAD, but she’ll also be in the next installment of “The Gay On My Teevee” since she is currently playing a most awesome character on The United States of Tara.

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