Lady A Day 032: Frances McDormand

Is there anything I don’t love about Frances McDormand?  Well, yes, I think she smokes.  But beside that.  You guys, she is just so darned good in every weird little indie movie and blockbuster flick she takes on – Friends With Money, Almost Famous, Laurel Canyon, the list goes on.  I know everybody who saw Fargo fell in love with  her as the preggers detective Marge Gunderson, and you know, she won a Best Actress Oscar for that in 1996, so not too shabby.  But she really cemented her place among my Ladies when she appeared as Dean Sara Gaskell in my all-time favorite movie, Wonder Boys (2000).  There’s this one scene where she pretends to shoot Michael Douglas’s character, with whom she’s having an affair.  Only the gun, which Sara believes is fake, is real and loaded and the viewer knows it.  I tell you, my heart was in my throat as she leveled the gun at his chest.  And then she just says “Pow” instead of pulling the trigger.  And that was it.  I was in love with Frances McDormand.  “Pow.”

Frances on how she got her part in Fargo: “The fact that I’m sleeping with the director may have something to do with it.”

Sidenote: Let us not forget this lovely UNF moment co-starring Lady 003, first  brought to my attention by the original Lady-A-Day-er, InsanityJones.


7 thoughts on “Lady A Day 032: Frances McDormand

  1. When I was little I loved the Madeline books and was therefore uber excited when they made a movie version! That was my first experience with Frances McDormand, though, at age 7, I had no clue who she was.
    I fell in love with her in Something’s Gotta Give –so cheeky and smart, with super sexy hair! She was great in Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day too 🙂

    This post reminded me how much I love this lady & made me realize how many of her films I haven’t seen…hmmm. Another summer project? I think, yes. 🙂

  2. Great choice! I have yet to see a movie where she didn’t blow me away! She can give power to the most insignificant part and she has done so many diverse roles in her career, you’d think she would be more appreciated!

    Most people only know her for Fargo (deservedly so but come on, she has done so many things, check them out, people!)

    I’ve liked her from the day I saw her in Mississippi Burning (man was she great in that one too!) but I fell in love with her the day I read she had once made out with Holly Hunter! 😀

    I need to go vote for her on AfterEllen! Totally skipped her! Pfff… if she doesn’t deserve to be in my Women over 40 Top list, I don’t know who does!!

  3. You’re reading my mind with these ladies! Haven’t been able to comment on Missy or Stevie… But am making sure to for Frances because I feel like so few people realize how freaking amazing she is!

    I can’t remember what I saw her in first, but loved her in Something’s Gotta Give. I’d totally forgotten about Wonder Boys, which she was awesome in, too! I think it was actually Laurel Canyon, though, that sealed the deal. I rented it back in my angsty days and watched it by myself on a day off. Then watched it two or three more times before returning it. She’s such a compelling actress, and I find her undeniably & unrelentingly sexy.

    • It’s been too long since I saw it (and I don’t really like Kate Beckingsale. At all.), but Frances was really excellent in Laurel Canyon. Yep. Wonder Boys will always top my list, though. I great up in Pittsburgh, was a creative writing major, dig red cowboy boots….there are just too many eerie and amazing details in that movie that resonate for me.

  4. She’s a vastly underrated actress, Oscar nonwithstanding. She even made Burn After Reading bearable! And she blew my mind in even the most minor parts like in Almost Famous. Seriously, can you think of anyone else who can create such a deep character in a handful of mostly comic scenes? The way she throws that phone on the floor after her kid hangs up on her and she couldn’t get through to him that she wanted him home? Crushing.

    and just to poke: How can you not like Kate Beckinsale? She looks so gorgeous kicking werewolves asses in leather 😉

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