Lady A Day 031: Missy Elliott

I was not the only white Jewish girl in my 10th grade gym class who knew the complete lyrics of Missy Elliott‘s “Work It” – even the backwards part.  BTW, they’re “It’s ti esrever dna pilf nwod gnith tup I,” which actually sounds more like “It’s your fleminipit flen yeh ippit.”  Clad in our uniforms of green athletic shorts and white tees, we would often sing “Work It” while halfheartedly working out in the weight room.  I have NO IDEA why we were permitted to sing a song about shaving your pussy and feeling some guy’s dick, but there you have it.  10th grade gym class.

My point is Missy Elliott can make even this folk rock-raised lesbo white chick appreciate rap, and that’s because she’s a genuine talent.  A lyricist, a performance artist, a visionary; Missy gives us rap at its best, and it’s still marketable.  Phat, thin, I’ll take my Missy however she pleases.

I’m not sure I could handle her ga-dunk ga-dunk dun.


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 031: Missy Elliott

  1. I can’t think of a lot to say except your 10th grade gym class sounds a lot more fun than mine! In retrospect the only thing fun about it is that our teacher reminds me of Jane Lynch’s character on Glee… except not funny at all.

    Gotta love Missy. if only because she turned the tables on all the macho rap BS just when The Queen was giving up!

  2. I wish I knew! Info is scarce. I’m sure Kalinda would have a few good sources that could help but alas, we’re stuck on our own and your guess is as good as mine, friend. 😉

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