Lady A Day 029: Stevie Nicks

There was this summer of my life where I sang Fleetwood Mac everywhere I went and listened to tons of Jethro Tull and tried to convince my fellow 16-year-olds that it was the best music ever made and OMG Don’t! Stop! Thinking about tomorrow!  It was basically as awkward and ostracizing as that time I made my school group use the Joni Mitchell song “Chelsea Morning” in our video project when everybody else set theirs to N’Sync and TLC singles.  Didn’t win myself any friends with that one.  (I’m really hoping Glee decides to do a Fleetwood song at some point so that I will have some sort of retroactive pop culture validation.)

As the child of two rock concert promoters, I guess it was my own special brand of formative teen experience, feeling generally misunderstood for my love of 70s folk rock.  And that’s where Stevie Nicks enters the equation.  Once I figured out that she was Stevie and her ex-husband was Lindsey (and not the other way around), I was totally the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan born a decade after their musical heyday.  I love the grit of Stevie’s voice, and the particularly profound hurt and devotion that it seems designed to convey.  I love how she spins around on stage and has elevated the fraying cat lady shawl to some sort of musical trademark.  I just love her.


8 thoughts on “Lady A Day 029: Stevie Nicks

  1. I’m ashamed of myself, I didn’t have a clue who Stevie Nicks was until I listened to the youtube clip. Thank you for re-introducing me to Fleetwood Mac! She has an absolutely gorgeous voice.

  2. Sure, I can run around on the internet if it amuses you…

    I heart the Fleetwood and the Mc…and the Buckingham and the Nicks for that matter 🙂

    I grew up on it too. Summer days with all the windows down in the car and my Mom blasting “Rhiannon” were good times. This is a band that I think you never grow out of. I hear something new just about every time I put them in heavy iPod rotation again and I love them for that. Stevie’s vocals are one of my fav elements. Good pick, lady!

    PS–your favicon kills me.

    • Is it running around if you’re commenting on where it’s actually posted? I’m just trying to find an elegant path out of this onion.

      Favicon? Is that what they call icons in these parts?

      Oh, you. Glad to see our adolescences have collides once again.

  3. I’m just being a comment twit. I’ll clean up my act.

    It’s not only your icon, it’s the favicon for the site. (The tiny little pic by the page title and up in the browser by the URL). I didn’t know it was your icon too until you commented, but I saw it before near the page title and just shook my head. Your site greets the world with tongue-sticking-outage. You silly.

  4. Stevie Nicks is très cool.

    I knew some Fleetwood Mac thanks to my dad’s constant rock radio policy growing up, but it was “Edge of Seventeen”‘s inclusion in School of Rock that really grabbed my attention. My friends loved it for Jack Black and I loved it for Joan Cusack’s drunken show of appreciation for Stevie Nicks.

    Last summer I revisited Fleetwood & Stevie again. I was not disappointed. So authentic…she is timeless!

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