The Gay On My Teevee – The Good Wife

First a quick note regarding my first Gay On My Teevee show – Nurse Jackie.  As predicted, Julia Ormond has been introduced (in conversation only) as Dr. O’Hara’s world-class news reporter ex-girlfriend, Sarah Khouri.  In last week’s episode, Dr. O’Hara (Eve Best) outed her past relationship to best gal pal Jackie and said she was on her way to D.C. to visit the woman she just couldn’t seem to get over.  You can read AfterEllen’s recap HERE.

The description for this Monday’s episode sounds extremely promising on that front, as it kicks off Julia Ormond’s 3-episode arc:

2×06 “Bleeding” – Jackie asks Eddie to end his friendship with Kevin; a pharmaceutical company rep serves Jackie’s needs; O’Hara’s romance heats up.

Bring. It.  And by “it” I mean the really tall and attractive, well-dressed brunettes.  Kissing. And doing whatever else.

Now on to the next gay show!  The Good Wife airs Tuesdays at 10EST on CBS.  The Good Wife has gotten to be a bit of an obsession for me lately, and I want to highlight its gayness before the final five episodes air this season.  The Gay in The Good Wife isn’t nearly as front-and-center as the gay in Nurse Jackie, but, for me at least, it’s still quite satisfying.  Julianna Margulies plays junior law firm associate Alicia Florrick, the “good wife” of a disgraced politician plotting his comeback, and Archie Panjabi just kills as the law firm’s in-house investigator, Kalinda Sharma.  Sidenote: Kalinda’s character is supposed to be 25.  Archie Panjabi?  She’s a smouldering 37.  Hot DAMN those are some good genes.

(Sidenote: I love Archie Panjabi so much that she was, in fact, my inaugural Lady.)

But Kalinda.  What to say about Kalinda?  She has dirt on everybody, and knows how to wield it.  She’s a leather-wearing, flirty talkin’ double-crosser who plays for both teams.  And I mean political teams, obvs.  She and Alicia are BFFs, hitting the streets, winning cases with their investigative prowess, and best of all, knocking back shots.  They’re the most awesome truth-exposing duo since Batman and Robin.  Only Batman had a cape and Kalinda has ass-kicking boots of power.  And Alicia and Kalinda are prettier.  Like way, waaaay prettier.

Super pretty. Yes/yes?

I’m not sure where they’re taking the character of Kalinda gay-wise, but in a recent panel at the Paley Center Archie said that viewers would get a hint as to her sexual preference by the finale.  Due to spoilers which I won’t detail here, it seems like Kalinda will be either bisexual (I hope) or straight and using her sexuality to manipulate both male and female characters only out of her single-minded drive to gain information (still pretty hot).  Either which way, you can bet your ass that so long as The Good Wife continues to deliver such subtext-y deliciousness as the scenes highlighted below, I’ll be tuned in.

Submitted into evidence: Some TOTALLY not gay scenes.  Not gay at all.

Watch K’s death grip on that beer bottle and Alicia’s side glance when a sleazy TV personality announces he’s outing a lesbian at the offices of Stern, Lockhart & Gardner.

What’s this? K ladyflirts.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend (but her workout does funny things to me).

She considers “working under” FBI Agent Sexy while on a dinner date business meeting.

kalinda and agent sexy

And even Alicia wants to know: Who’s Donna?

Hope you enjoyed this installment of The Gay On My Teevee!  Please comment and deliver the verdict: How gay is The Good Wife?  What do you think of K and the ladies?  Are Alicia and Kalinda a better team than Batman and Robin?  Cagney and Lacey?  Peanut butter and chocolate?


10 thoughts on “The Gay On My Teevee – The Good Wife

  1. Good one! Can’t wait for the episode.
    Archie does have good genes! she looks even better now that when she was 25!
    if we see K kissing that cop, I think it’s only fair we get a little lip action with that hot FBI Agent, right? I mean… in the spirit of equality of the sexes and to keep K as ambivalent as possible.

    A/K rock the justice system, baby! No contest! Batman and Robin are not even close and they are way less pretty to look at.
    Mmm… Peanut Butter and chocolate… Alicia and Kalinda… okay… I need a cold shower now :p

    • I had to double-check how old she was in “East is East.” Her character looked to be around 14 or so. Archie was 27! If only we were all so blessed.

      That said, I’m pleased as pie that the Kings cast her despite the age difference. Shows they knew that she would really own the part.

      Totally just finished gorging myself on the PB & chocolate. You know, it’s an excellent substitute for s…nevermind.

      • She’s one of those actresses that will never look her age (finally something to hate her a little for ;))
        To think we have to thank Ridley Scott for her casting! When I almost fell asleep watching A Good Year, I’d never have thought anything good could ever come out of this clunker… guess things have to balance themselves out and TGY was so bad, it had to bring something super good to TGW! 😀

        Don’t start me again on PB & Chocolate, you wicked girl! And it’s not a substitue for anything! But it beats a cigarette after s… nevermind :p

          • That it’s not… the most deceiving title ever!

            lol. yeah right… maybe. Guess that’s why they don’t even meet in the movie! They were afraid the chemistry with Archie would exceed the one with Gladiator Crowe!

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  3. Hope we get some more clips to fuel the post later this month… who knows?
    I hope they don’t cut that scene in next episode where Alicia gets all inquisitive on Kalinda…
    So who’s the Peanut Butter and who’s the chocolate? 😀

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