Lady A Day 025: Tina Majorino

After mentioning Lady 024‘s stint on The Deep End yesterday, I was feeling a bit inspired.  Enter one Tina Majorino, former child star (remember her lookin’ all dirty in Waterworld?) and cult actress to a degree.  I feel like Tina has pockets of fans, and I don’t really fall into the Veronica Mars or Napolean Dynamite groupings.  I got a little girl crush on Tina on that now off-the-rails show, Big Love.  See, Tina’s straight-laced Mormon character, Heather, had this raging lesbo subtext with her best friend, conflicted daughter-of-polygamists Sarah (Amanda Seyfried).  They were soooo super gay and complicated together, and the relationship had a ton of potential, which sadly the producers chose not to capitalize on past season 2.  I lost my big love for Big Love at that point, and it’s only in retrospect that I realize that the lack of juicy Tina Majorino material (and the fact that Sarah ends up with a skeezy dude instead) was probably the deciding factor in my quitting the show.  Too bad, so sad.  I hope Tina’s next project is a heck of a lot more successful than The Deep End.  Because really, that show was more like The Kiddie Pool Some Toddler Just Peed In.

(I feel a little pedophilic highlighting The Maj, if only because she just seems so young and wholesome.  Still, she’s several months older than me, so fair game.)


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