Lady A Day 024: Nicole Ari Parker

Okay, I can’t even pretend that this is spurred by anything more than a raging crush from girlhood.  Nicole Ari Parker starred as the object of Laurel Holloman’s affection in The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, which included such romantic scenes as awkward hand-holding in a diner, laying together in a big field of wildflowers, and making a mess (and some sweet, sweet love) while mom was away from home.  I know many a dyke who was fond of Holloman’s skinny, butchy Randy Dean, but I was kind of outrageously attracted to Nicole Ari Parker’s Evie.  I guess this was the beginning of my fondness for femme-y types.  I think Nicole mostly does black romantic comedies now (I’m not exactly the target audience), so I haven’t seen her in much recently, save for the stinker of a law drama The Deep End. Do not pass “Go,” do not watch that show. Do not do it on a lark, do not do it in a park.  Baaaaad.  But. It did star both NAP and Tina Majorino, so at least I got to look at them on my teevee for a few hours time.

I may not love Nicole as much as I loved Evie, but she’s still well-deserving of a spot.

Is there even a color to describe those eyes?  Outta control.

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