Lady A Day 022: Noomi Rapace

Just, OMG you guys.  You know that book that everybody on your commute is reading, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?  Yeah, I read it and it’s okay.  But the fine folks of Sweden have adapted Stieg Larsson’s trilogy into three corresponding movies, and the star of the series, goth hacker Lisbeth Salander, is played by the somindmeltinglyhotthatIbasicallymalfunction Noomi Rapace.  Noomi is famous in Sweden, but this is the role that is going to open doors for her internationally.  The story is dark, extremely violent, and psychologically complex, and Noomi’s Lisbeth is so shockingly gritty and real that despite her deeply disturbing past and anti-social pathology, you just fall in love with her.  Or at least I did.  Noomi’s every gesture is riveting, and her commitment to the violent scenes is stunning.  Really, you need to see the movie.  Fast, since all three are already filmed and released internationally, and a US adaptation is in the works (rumors abound about casting Kristen Stewart, she types, vomiting into her mouth a little).  Not only is Girl an antidote to all of the Hollywood crap you’re bombarded with day in and day out, but it is cinematically gorgeous.  Thanks, in no small part, to how much the camera loves this woman:

She trained her ass off for 6 months and pierced herself in order to prepare for the role.
Producers were afraid she couldn’t “butch it up” enough.  I mean, DAYUM.  Commitment.


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 022: Noomi Rapace

  1. Yes!! Saw the whole trilogy a few weeks ago! The books were average but the movies… well… just WOW thanks to the amazing raw and subtle talent of Noomi! She got her character so perfectly that she’s frightening in the darkest scenes! Mesmzerizing!

    Kristen Stewart? I heard Ellen Page. Oh well…

    • Actually, I think it’s pretty much confirmed that Carey Mulligan will play Lisbeth. For now, anyway. We’ll see how quickly the movie gets made.

      Not looking forward to it at all, but she’s heads and shoulders better than Kristen Stewart.

      • So they are dumping Noomi to get the movie made with a mostly unknown Brit?

        I can’t say I thought her performance in An Education was all it was cracked up to be. We’ll see.

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