Lady A Day 021: Jane Lynch

Hey ladies and gents, know what’s happening soon?  Does anybody in the universe not know?  It’s the return of Glee next Tuesday!  And while I’m a fan of the musical numbers and the Brittany/Santana relationship that’s done really subtlely, the best part of Glee for me is Jane Lynch.  Now Jane Lynch is definitely a Grade “A” Celesbian.  I mean, she gets around.  And not just in queer movies and television like The L Word (though she does tons of that stuff).  No, Jane Lynch appears in weirdo indie flicks and quite memorably in Christopher Guest’s amazing mockumentaries, and she has created some of the most comedic moments on network television over the past year.  She’s on Party Down, and guests as a truly fucked up mom on Criminal Minds, and jeez, I even saw her and her lady fiancee in the audience of American Idol last week.  She improves my viewing experience of shows she’s not even hired to appear in!!  Oh, and her Golden Globe’s gown had pockets.  Way to be a classy dyke, JL.

Girlfriend has been working it for a looooong time, and she’s finally getting the mainstream recognition she deserves.  Good on ya, Jane!


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 021: Jane Lynch

  1. AND she played totally unfunny characters in both the West Wing and the Xfiles! 😀

    I’ll miss her in Party Down! But if her stint in Glee finally got her some of the recognition she so richly deserved, so be it!
    Did you see A Mighty Wind? rotfl. She kills me in anything really but that one, I just can’t watch with a straight face for more than a few seconds!

  2. Yep. She played a reporter in CJ’s press room in both the first and last episode of Season 2. My understanding is that she’s a close friend of Aaron Sorkin and he wanted to bring her on the show for a long time but they couldn’t make the schedule fit so it was only a tiny ‘recurring’ part. I know I sound like a dork for knowing such a random Wing factoid but at least I’m aware of it 😉

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