Lady A Day 020: Jennifer Tilly

You can’t showcase Gina Gershon without her partner-in-crime from one of the best films ever made, BoundBound was a Wachowski Brother film back when both of the Wachowski brothers were men (shoutout Larry/Lana!) and before they struck it big with The Matrix movies.  Bound is eye porn.  Violent and sexy and gorgeous.  And Violet (Jennifer) and Corky (Gina) are the hottest fucking lesbian lovers I have ever fucking seen.  If I hadn’t been born that way, they would have turned me SO GAY.  It is impossible to choose between them.  I want to have them both.  In the biblical sense.

Okay, so I have to admit that Jennifer Tilly scares me a little bit.  Or a lot.  She’s the Bride of Chucky for godsakes, and not only that, but her breasts are HUGE.  I preferred them when they weren’t so “I’m going to smother your face,” but okay, that’s Jennifer’s choice and Jennifer’s body.  And I must say, it’s a pretty admirable body.  From what I know of lady Tilly, she seems like some sort of mashup between Jessica Rabbit, Jennifer Coolidge, and a chain-smoking poker player.  In fact, she plays in those celebrity poker tournaments kind of frequently and I think she distracts her opponents by perching her nearly-exposed bosoms on the green felt tabletop.  Get on with your bad self, Ms. Tilly.


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 020: Jennifer Tilly

  1. Could this movie have been just as excellent without one of those two gems? I don’t think so. Sure the script, the dialogs, the direction, everything is perfect, including Joey Pants but hell… they make their characters so engrossing and real you just buy everything they sell, not caring if you’re being as screwed as poor Cesar!

    And very very hot. I had the painful experience of seeing this with my Dad… lol. I mean… he was not homophobic but still that’s a long way from watching Gina and Jennifer very noisily and gorgeously pleasuring each other with your daughter. I think he remembered it even longer than I did! 😀

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