Lady A Day 019: Gina Gershon

This one’s a two-parter!  First up is the drool-worthy Gina Gershon. While I think her projects are really hit (Bound – my #2 favorite movie of all time!) or miss (Prey For Rock & Roll), Gina is always in fine *ahem* form.  And she’s often kissing girls onscreen, which, hey, if you’re going to get typecast….

Now, some folks feel strongly (appalled? revolted? unamused?) by that 1995 cult classic Showgirls.  Having watched it/owned it/analyzed it more than is probably healthy, I have to say that I think Gina is maybe one of two or three actors total who is in on the joke.  And for that, she has my respect and devotion.  Also, she’s really rather smokin’ in everything she does.

And a sidenote: Among her numerous other assets, Gina’s fun to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with.  For example, did you know that both Gina and Lady a Day 013 (Fiona Apple) are close friends of Lenny Kravitz? Weird, right?

Gina takes a lot of photos in her underwear, and I support that.

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