Lady A Day 018: Ursula the Sea Witch

So I had kinda sorta prepped another Lady for the post today, but I’m just in a mood and thinking that it’s time to shake up the actresses and musicians and just deliver on a straight-up badass: Ursula the mothereffing Sea Witch, bitches.  Everybody has very specific defining experiences in childhood.  If, like me, you’re a television and film nut, those defining experiences could well be tied to a certain television episode, or a particular movie moment.  I think I destroyed several tapes of The Little Mermaid due to re-watching.  It’s actually the first film that I remember seeing in theaters with my mom (I was four).  And unlike every other girl I knew, my favorite character was NOT Ariel, though she was pretty chill.  No.  I liked the big, scary, octopus bitch with evil pointy teeth.  I thought she had the best songs, the most interesting voice, and the coolest pets (ever notice how Disney villains have pairs of pets? Eels, Siamese cats, etc….).  Even when she blew up all crazy like and created a whirpool that nearly killed everybody, that was cool by four year old me.  So what if she got gutted by a jagged ship mast? Ursula was my role model and I think she still has a lesson to teach girls today; You don’t have to wear a seashell bra and find yourself a prince to land a truly wicked starring role.


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 018: Ursula the Sea Witch

  1. I have to send you the demo for the Broadway musical! Ursula is just fantastic! Her songs are pure genius!

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