Lady A Day 017: Alison Pill

Okay, so I’m back from my long weekend in NYC, during which I showed my mom the city from atop the Flatiron roof, met up with several internet friends and their ladywives, and took the Staten Island ferry with thousands of gorgeous Hassidic children.  When it comes time for me to bear children, people, I’ll be on the market for some Hassidic sperm.  Srsly.

Somewhere in there, I managed to take my mom to see The Miracle Worker, a mediocre play with a plethora of top notch actors, including standout Alison Pill, who played the indomitable and funny Annie Sullivan to Abigail Breslin’s flaily Helen Keller.  I first took notice of Alison in the second season of the astoundingly good HBO series In Treatment (find it. watch it.), but you may also recognize her from Milk.  Not only is she (once again) younger than me, but she has been pounding the pavement in NY and Hollywood for over 14 years, really earning her already quite substantial acting creds.  And she gets nominated for stage awards, like, a lot.  Because she’s good.

Man, I really need to get back in the swing of writing these things!

In my research for this Lady entry, I stumbled across this rather relatable article on NYTimes.  Recommended reading! Young Talents Entwined ‘In Treatment.’


One thought on “Lady A Day 017: Alison Pill

  1. Alison will be participating in a theatrical reading of a new play on 2/23/2011. The reading will be webcast live, and anyone can watch for a donation of $10 (it’s also a benefit for Anne Frank-Fonds in Switzerland).

    This kind of event is normally just for theater industry insiders, so theater lovers should find this a great opportunity. And, of course, Alison Pill fans should enjoy seeing her in this kind of unusual project. Check out

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