The Gay On My Teevee – Nurse Jackie

There is just SO MUCH good, really super gay stuff going down (or soon to, ahem, go down) on my television.  And it’s like manna from heaven, I tell you.

This Passover you may ask, “Why is this television season different from all other television seasons?”  Well, do you know what shows I never miss an episode of?  It’s a surprisingly short list: Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife and Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara. Know which of those shows having ongoing lesbian subtext and/or maintext?  ALL OF THEM.

I’d like to take a few posts to highlight some of the excellent gayness that you can expect to see in any one of these shows this season.  To start us off?  The comedically fucked up (and very possibly lesbo-leaning) staff of All Saints Hospital in NYC.

Nurse Jackie – “Well, would it surprise to learn that a series regular will soon reveal his or her same-sex interest — in a most touching manner?” – Mega Buzz scoop

NJ is already chock full of teh gay, and there’s even more on the way.  Doctor Cooper (flawlessly and hilariously played by Peter Facinelli) has two mommies who popped up last season.  The very meta @DoctorCoop still tweets about them regularly.  And regarding that little spoiler quote above, I’m guessing it’s going to be of the lesbo variety based on the fact that (a) there are more female leads than male, (b) the male nurse, Thor, is so obviously homosexual it’s not an issue, (c) one very British lady doctor strikes me as the type to swing both ways, and (d) I think said Brit would have crazy chemistry with upcoming guest star Julia Ormond.  Just sayin’.

“This season, we’re going to have a really great gay love triangle … a three-part arc that is going to be great. I mean it when I say we are going into a new gear of gay this year. So that’s my official response.”  – Nurse Jackie co-creator and out lesbian Linda Wallem in THIS gay gay gay article.

(L) Eve Best, Anna Deveare Smith, and Edie Falco; (R) Julia Ormond

Next installment: The Good Wife


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