Lady A Day 016: Leisha Hailey

She’s played a yogurt lover, a gropey newlywed with necrotizing fasciitis, and a “bisexual” (GAY GAY GAY) girl reporter on that whackadoo soap opera known as The L Word. Actually, I’ve loved Leisha Hailey since waaaay back to her pink-haired punk appearance in the wonderful 1997 flick All Over Me.  I was 12, you guys.  How super lesbian of me is THAT?  So, okay, she was the best thing that ever happened to Ilene Chaiken’s gay trainwreck, and I shipped her with everybody.  Especially that hot army mama, Tasha.  OMGNOMNOMNOMSEXONTHEDESK.  I don’t really dig her music with Uh Huh Her (Uh Huh Dumb Name), but as soon as she’s back on my telly, I’m all in.

Anywho, lemme know – how do you take your Leisha Hailey?


5 thoughts on “Lady A Day 016: Leisha Hailey

  1. I once saw her on stage with the Murmurs and Jorja Fox playing the guitar… ah those rock and roll chicks!

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