Lady A Day 015: Melody Gardot

We’re officially in the third week of Lady A Day!  I’m going on a short vacation starting Wednesday and may not be updating for a few days, but I hope I’ve given you enough ladies to keep you happy til I come back.

I think Melody Gardot doesn’t get half the props she deserves.  Have any of you folks even heard of her?  I was really pleasantly surprised when, while I was flying to Barcelona in October, her CD was one of the in-flight listening options.  But that’s about the only place I’ve seen her stuff being played.  Oh, Grey’s Anatomy really shocked the hell out of me when they used one of her songs in a scene two weeks back (The Gas Man likes Gardot).

But yeah, I recommend everybody own at least one of her albums, ideally both.  Give Melody a free listen and, if you like, download: Worrisome Heart (2007) and My One and Only Thrill (2009).  Oh, but hey, she’s also a real stunner.  Girl in glasses alert!

She has either a weave more outrageous than Kim Zolciak’s or the most luscious blond locks ever.


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