Lady A Day 011: Courtney Love

This one is probably going to raise some eyebrows, but you guys, before she was a cracked out tweeting conspiracy theorist deformed by her addiction to plastic surgery, Courtney Love was actually a cracked out talented kinda pretty person.  Last night, for shits and giggles, I dug out an old essay I wrote for Sirenology, a 300-level Psych course I took my senior year of college.  My final paper was entitled “Bitching: Getting Loud and Ugly as Feminist Subversion,” and theorized about Courtney and Meredith Brooks and that sellout Jewel (remember “Intuition”?), and how they were challenging notions of femininity and female power (and sometimes failing spectacularly).  I thought it was the bee’s knees when I wrote it, even though that class, in which we studied The Little Mermaid for a full term, was absolutely ridiculous.  Courtney Love was pretty much the heroine of my paper, and I stand by my notion that what she tried to do was really rad, as in radical AND awesome.  My point being, let’s remember the good ol’ Hole days when C.Love was you know, holding it together a bit more, and hope she gets back to that place eventually.

And one NSFW.

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