Lady A Day 009: Shelly O

How fierce is this bitch? Michelle Obama. Siiiiiiigh.  Michelle Obama.  She’s really very dreamy, isn’t she?  From those photos of her wielding a shovel in a tank top that conveniently highlights her glistening biceps, to well, every other occasion, I find myself staring at her, completely enamored.  I love her politics.  I love her personality.  And I love love love her style.  I mean, fuck.  Do I really need to make her case?  Look at the woman.


3 thoughts on “Lady A Day 009: Shelly O

  1. Can you believe the Republicans are honestly comparing Palin to her? Puhlease! I mean, sure there’s the whole XY thing but can they be any more different? It’s like comparing cake and burnt bread crumbs you’d find in a waste bin!

      • I guess because they’re women! lol

        I think they want to position Palin as a tough educated “leader” and since they bumped heads and Michelle O. is seen as opinionated and smart, they’d love nothing more than to be able to say Palin is just as good.

        Honestly, I think her only redeeming feature is her uncanny resemblance to Tina Fey allowed some of the most hillarious moments in a Presidential Campaign in a long time, courtesy of Tina.
        And the fact anyone could even think of trying to find any resemblance between Michelle and Palin on the grounds they are both of the same gender is an insult to women everywhere. But then, I also think Palin is an insult to women everywhere so I can’t be objective.

        Hard to believe they could find someone even more obnoxious than Coulter.

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