Lady A Day 004: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen. Like Oprah, or Madonna.  You need only the one name and you know who I’m talkin’ bout.  I must admit, I am no fan of Ellen on Idol.  I think her comments are vanilla and aggravating and not all that funny.  Which, hello, Ellen is funny.  Most of the time.  And I’ve even liked her in a few…okay, one…dramatic role.  She rolled around in bed with Sharon Stone (who will not be appearing on this list) in If These Walls Could Talk 2, and she was pretty excellent in that.  I cried at the end when she was trying to assure her lesbian lovah that the world always changed for the better, and that their future gaybies would be accepted.

Oh yeah, what were we talking about?  Ellen.  Since going all vegan and sugar-free and skeletal she hardly ever pings my panties anymore, but well, these photos:


One thought on “Lady A Day 004: Ellen Degeneres

  1. I just love watching her interacting with Allison Janney in any form I can over and over. And hey she’s really not a bad actress. She’s my favorite forgetful blue fish ever in a movie 😉

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