Lady A Day 002: Chloe Sevigney

Although I have given up Big Love because of its increasing ridiculousness, I still hold a flame for Chloe Sevigney, who plays Nicki, its most derailed, Western wear-wearing polygamist wife.  There are so many reasons to appreciate Chloe Sevigney, from her incredible acting chops (you seen Boys Don’t Cry?) to the ease with which she seems to swim against the stream in Hollywood.  She’s a risk-taker, whether she’s ripping your guts out in her prairie garb or turning you on in her birthday suit.


One thought on “Lady A Day 002: Chloe Sevigney

  1. Charm, finess, balls… everything I like in an actress. I don’t think she has ever taken the easy way out and she has paid for it… but she will go on and on as long as there are Indies in need of relentless talent!

    I have actually never watched Big Love… Bill Paxton irks me. I’ll try it at some point, I’m sure.

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