Lady A Day 001: Archie Panjabi

I’m ripping this idea directly from my dear internet friend InsanityJones, whose thoughtful daily lady selections often manage to surprise and delight me.  And even if you don’t agree with each pick, who’s gonna say “no” to seeing pretty women in their blogroll every day?

Inaugural Lady: Archie Panjabi, now appearing as private investigator Kalinda Sharma on CBS’s The Good Wife. Oh Kalinda, with your short skirts, leather boots, and air of kinda gay mystery.  Oh Archie, who plays her to such perfection.  You have stolen my heart this television season.


8 thoughts on “Lady A Day 001: Archie Panjabi

  1. Never knew Archie was your #1! Damn those pictures are great!! What a sexy sexy back she has 😀 We’ll probably never see Kalinda’s but at least we got a picture of Archie’s.

  2. Such a gorgeous smile. I wonder if people know how different she is from her character! Even her laugh and her smiles are different! Kalinda is already a tough one to play but for a sweetheart like Archie to transform so completely into this badass boot-wearing amazon who keeps her feelings safely hidden behind a smik and a leather jacket… utterly fascinating!

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